Two Pack of Tea Bags


Taiwan is famous for its tea mountains and for its high quality teas and we made it our commitment to create a menu bursting with those authentic flavours and aromas.

Enjoy 24 delightful cups of tea any time, anywhere, available in four of our most popular flavours.

  • Each box contains 12 x 3g pyramid tea bags
  • Allergen Advice: Dragon Cat tea contains barley
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Dragon Cat Tea

Our signature Dragon Cat Tea is a hearty blend of black tea, vanilla, barley and cassia.

Caramel Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea has an enchanting earthy flavour. Our tea blenders have sweetened the deal with a hint of caramel flavouring.

Roasted Oolong Tea

Our Oolong tea has been roasted to perfection to give you a deep flavour, strong taste and soothing sweetness in every cup.

Sun Moon Lake Tea

This unique tea comes from an area in central Taiwan known as Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County.